Hi, I'm Mauricio, aka Mau or MauMau :)I’m a Digital Compositor with 15+ years of experience among Feature Films, TV/Episodic and Advertising.I'm currently working as a Senior Compositor at Industrial Light & Magic, in Vancouver, Canada.


• Team management & training/mentoring junior artists
• Workflow development - templates & tools to support compositors
• Compositing CGI/Live Action Integration and Blue/Green screen extractions
• Tracking & Matchmoving as well as Paint & Prep


Nuke ...Silhouette FX ...Mocha Pro ...SynthEyes ...Python ...Shotgun ... RV

recent projects


Give back to the community

Fundamentals of Compositing is a Portuguese spoken series (for the time being) of classes/tutorials covering the fundamental concepts of Compositing. It's my personal give-back-to-the-community-project done at my spare time :)

In collaboration with Gustavo Gonçalves and Eduardo Brandão we created a free Mentorship Program in hopes of assisting in the development of other Compositing Artists in Brazil.
In 2021, we chose 12 artists from outside the major cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and immersed them in a wide variety of theoretical and practical aspects of Compositing for 10 weeks.We also promoted webinars with established Compositing Artists and Career Consultant specialists to address a wide range of subjects connected to the Compositor's job, such as soft and technical skills, career goals and how to reach them, shot/time/project management, and work-life balance.We believe the Mentorship to be a highly gratifying experience, and we are really happy of the results and impact it had on our counselees.

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